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Q1. Why did you choose design as a career ?

Choosing design as a career was definitely a great choice to make.It’s a vast field to deal with these days, and definitely provides number of options in future!
Unlike any other field it doesn’t bound ones brain to books but gives an open choice to make about what we want and what we shall do providing us the breeze of freedom.The best part of  designing is that every project is the freedom and encouragement to try something new each time. And i loved to create new new things .

Q2. Where do you visualise yourself five years from now?

In desiging feild is a full creative work. And most imp -Focus on achievements, not promotion. Say that you would love to be recognized for your work on successful campaigns. …
Connect your future with their company. If a company hires a good designer, they want to keep them for a long time.

Q3. Whom do you consider your mentor/Guru and why

Person whose every single word impacts deeply in mylife.From scolding to appreciating, he taught meendless things. He is not just my mentor but the one whom I trust blindly. From the best days to worst days of my life, he taught me how to deal with situations, how to deal with people. Words are not just enough to thank him.I am a very emotional and sensitive girl, who cries very easily. He made me very strong. He taught me to deal with situations without crying. I can not live my life without sharing every single thing with him. I just want him to know that what happened today, yesterday, and every day.His motivational lessons are not just lessons, they are my dose for living my life happily and stress free.From career guidance to the advices, he will be behind my  success.

Q4. What is the basic theme of your designing and why?

Mostly i m trying to work on all type of theme and art bcz i can feel all type of art and design and create new new design .

Q5. Write your autobiography ?

My name is Anjali Sahu and i m from Nowrozabad Distt Umaria M. P. Currently i m still studying Fashion designing from SDPS womens collage Indore. And also Learn Graphic design from Learn with Rikhil nagpal (Indore). And i am fashion designing student in 3 rd year.


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