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Q1. Why did you choose design as a career ?

From a very young age, I have been fascinated by the art of designing. I remember how I use to dress up my Barbie doll by using the unvailing cloth pieces in my home, from barbie doll to dress form (mannequin ). I have been constantly fascinated by beautiful and aesthetic things, and I enjoy watching my imagination shaping up to reality. As a designer, the most satisfying moment in my life would be when someday while hanging out with my friends I proudly tell them “this is my design work”.

Q2. Where do you visualise yourself five years from now?

I have ever been a good learner and all the aesthetic things, designs, a discussion has always interested me. My mainstream motive is always learning and believe that Experts are the amateurs who kept practicing. Thus I am sure that will never give up learning. As far as the next five years are concerned now, to be honest, I do not think much about the future. I love to design and working on new campaigns, plus to make a difference with my work. If I get this kind of job and have it for five years, I know will be very happy.

Q3. Whom do you consider your mentor/Guru and why

For me, my mentor/ Guru is always my dad. He is the one who till date encourages and motivates me, His teachings and his way to act upon the problems always decipher him from the rest. All his tenets have shaped me into a better and amicable woman. I would quote one of his best Catchphrase here: “He who doesn’t want to face his challenges shall always face challenges!”, this phrase has been my power tonic whenever I felt low. I have always seen him as the dawn of hope in the darkness, thus for me, his smile and values are much more precious than even the Kohinoor.

Q4. What is the basic theme of your designing and why?

Traditional design style offers classic details, sumptuous feelings, and an abundance of accessories. These designs often feature mesmerizing cultural art, rich color palettes, a variety of textures, and a lot of curved lines. They elaborate and ornate details and fabrics, like velvet, silk, and brocade, which include a variety of patterns and textures and on the top, are usually rooted in Indian sensibilities.

Being born and bought up in Varanasi, one of the most aesthetic and traditional cities of India, I have admired the depth, layering, and dimensionality within most of the traditional designs and I relate these with the beauty and diversity of nirvana, old art forms and the archaeological way of living fascinates me to the extent that all my designs have a glimpse of tradition in them.

Q5. Write your autobiography ?

Consolidating numerous arbitrary dots you form a line, which some time is straight and has curves in the rest. Similarly, clubbing numerous anecdotes we finally design up a story termed as life. As in the lives of every human, I also have been through a lot of vicissitudes, but I could never give up because whenever I felt low my father and his ideologies stood like a shield before me So that I could keep going. I believe he is a true warrior and all I crave is to be his statuette.

Born in Varanasi in a middle-class joint family I was a calm and credulous child. I still remember myself playing with my doll the whole day, sprucing it up with impotent clothes, talking to it sometimes, and sometimes just crafting something new for her thereby I believe from a pretty small age, I was inclined towards art and eternally had a precocious talent for the same, throughout my youth  I was trained in various styles of dance too.

It was a combination of these two interests that eventually led me to fashion designing.

I loved the elaborate costumes I wore for my dance recitals and spent many long afternoons sketching costume ideas.

What I try to do is always a combination of dance and art.

I want to settle on fashion designing when I realized that making clothes is completing what a drawing can’t be—going from two dimensional to reality.”

The deity has always been with me in qua of my father, While people were busy proclaiming insecurities of a fashion career My father handed me over with the books for preparation of NIFT Entrance exam, He has always been backbone support for me, Sometimes while my preparation when anxiety girded me, he sat down and exult my mind with his funny stories. Sometimes when even I felt like losing, he cheered me up by counting my positivities. He is the one who never gave up on me and that eventually resulted in qualifying for my NIFT Entrance examination, I remember how happy he was that day when we both went to Patna for the final selection process and Hence I got enrolled in NIFT Bhubaneshwar. The day when he was leaving me in the college he said everything in one phrase: “For me, you are my son, Don’t worry just keep working and everything else I’ll see !”. And from that day I have been constantly working just to make him proud, I made my first collection in the second year with help and support of my batchmates , Won the Best Delegate award from KIIT MUN , managed a event of U.S. POLO at mayfair  and in Indulge Fashion show in Bhubaneshwar . Joined Buttonmasala for the internship and am also among the top influencers from the platform named Rizzle.                  

All these things just for Him, for his smile. I know this story has my father’s description more than that of mine, this is because he is the only living, breathing work of art I have seen.

His audacious presence has always inspired me, I don’t know where I will be in the coming years but I know would surely be making him proud.


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