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Q1. Why did you choose design as a career ?

Childhood Passion

Q2. Where do you visualise yourself five years from now?

Principal of JD institute of fashion technology

Q3. Whom do you consider your mentor/Guru and why?

Mumthaz Khan,because his designs are unique and materials used are nature friendly 

Q4. What is the basic theme of your designing and why?

Exaggerated Bows

Q5. Write your autobiography ?

I started collecting Barbie dolls from 2012. I used to play with normal local dolls from childhood, they were my best friends. I came to know about Barbie from a cover picture of an eraser of my classmate when I was in 4th standard. I was so attracted and curious about doll as I have not seen such a beauty. After a few months I found Barbie in a nearby toy shop, I really wished to have my first Barbie, but as I am a boy and my parents can’t afford such a great price for the doll they refused to buy the Barbie doll. My urge to own Barbie was so high. I participated every doll making competition from 5th standard till 10th.I have won prize for sub district and district level doll making competition, also participated in state level. As a motivation, I got a repro fashion doll in 2003 from my dad. After that I used to collect imitate dolls of Barbie due to unaffordable price of Barbie for me during my studies. After completing my B.Tech I joined for my first job in Vasan Dental Care. I bought my first Barbie in 2012 from the first salary I got. I was more focused to collect play-line and fashionistas.I also collected collector dolls, holiday Barbie and birthday Barbie. Now I own more than 150 Barbie dolls. I never expected such a golden moment in my life, still I am continuing my collection.

                    I used to collect dolls from Ernakulam toy shops,Malls,Online etc. By 2016 some of doll collectors started a whatsapp group,in which I was also a member, most of them were basically fashion designers and tailors. Every Sunday we used to dress up our dolls according to a theme just like a competition. Most of my group members make doll dresses by themselves. As I am not good in sewing, I always mix and match the dresses of other dolls to make theme dresses. I wished to make such doll dresses with such a good perfection.

Once, our task was to make crop top and long skirt for the doll, I was not able to participate in it as I don’t have such doll dress with me, I informed my group members that I wished to be a fashion designers like you people so that I can also make doll dresses by myself. One of my friend in that group told me join a fashion designing institute, I replied in group that I am too old to join now, then most of them motivated me and inform age does not matter for this course, so I searched in google and found JD institute of fashion technology, visited the website and registered on June 2017. I got an admission call for December 2017 batch, but as I was working, I was not able to join for that evening batch. Then I took admission for May 2018 batch. Now I am JDiian, who can make dress not only for dolls, can dress up the real human too.


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