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Q1. Why did you choose design as a career ?

From childhood only I used to love to play with colours,I used to draw scenery after that I used to make a doll dresses with different small piece of cloths .it came from that so I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer . I thought I’ll enjoy my dream and passion both by chosing design as a career and I know enjoying your dream will never disappoint you so I choose designing career.

Q2. Where do you visualise yourself five years from now?

I see myself as a successful fashion designer  and will have great experience in this Field and  I’ll try to do creative things with that experience and I’ll work hard to satisfy my customer or clients requirements. 

Q3. Whom do you consider your mentor/Guru and why?

My first guru is my mother as  she inspires me every day to come up with positive thoughts .it’s never too late to enjoy your dreams and passion.My mentor/guru is Manish malhotra and Tarun tahiliani they are well known great designers ,I love their traditional collection and wedding wears . Papa don’t preach by shubika is the most favourite mentor/guru .she inspires me to go with my theme (indo-western).They all  are my inspiration and I wanted to be a  great designer like them in future .

Q4. What is the basic theme of your designing and why?

I love to mix and match both Indian and western wear . By the twist of both a new look comes with a unique outfit. It is also known as indo-western wear and I love traditional style too.we don’t have any boundary or conditions to create anything uniqueness. I’m inspired by papa don’t preach by shubika .

Q5. Write your autobiography ?

I’m Kiran sainath kismatrao. I had completed my graduation in economics (BA).Now Basically I’m a student of Diploma in fashion designing at (kalyan) INIFD. Joining this institute was the best decision for me . I wish to be a successful fashion designer and stylist in our fashion community, and i know my dedication and hard work will pay off in the end. 


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