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Q1. Why did you choose design as a career ?

In fashion design there are many levels of opportunities and that means you can create a unique career path. The skills you develop through observation and creation can be used in many industries so you have the ability to transfer into other areas of design very easily. It’s certainly a fast paced kind of job that requires you to work well under pressure. For some that is fun and exciting and for others it may not be their thing. But you can always move into other design areas or pursue the business side of fashion. There are options and it’s not limiting.

Q2. Where do you visualise yourself five years from now?

I look forward to learn new design skills and improve my knowledge  related to fashion designing to advance my career. In five years from now, I see myself as a knowledgeable professional designer having an in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry.

Q3. Whom do you consider your mentor/Guru and why

I follow most of times Anamika Khanna and Mandira wirk design skills in our design so in my design some touched inspired by her designs. 

Anamika Khanna because her philosophy is about innovation and experimentation with regards to the Indian style, while also keeping it extremely relevant to the modern world. She is also about finding your own personal style and having the dream and vision to express it to the world around you.

Mandira wirk because her clothes have the simplicity of a genius, with attention to every meticulous detail. Individual statements of style; emulated by all.

Q4. What is the basic theme of your designing and why?

Basic theme of my design to Indian fusion dresses. In this,  I’m trying experimentation with Indian tradition style with modern world to emulate by all. 

Q5. Write your autobiography ?

From creating initial conceptual drawings and renderings to driving optimal garment design and production, I am well prepared to continue exceeding expectations in fashion design. With my impressive achievementsspecifically in women’s wear, my additional expertise in men’s wear, trend analysis, and diverse design styles position me to thrive in this challenging and creative position with both women’s and men’s wear.
Highlights of my background include:
1. FACTORY F/X, RAMANAND TRADE CENTER KAPOORTHALA LUCKNOW (industrial training). learnt about leather fabric and designs.
2. Designing and developing women’s wear garments in Alsaba garments Sion (Mumbai) that have been showcased and sold in reputable apparel stores.
3. Designing and developing bespoke designer dresses for wedding, parties, casual wears on demand in KBS INTERNATIONAL in Hauz khas New Delhi.Demonstrating expertise in draping, fabric/design boards, mock-ups,fittings, alterations, and production.
4. Assistant fashion designer in Sweta Bhasin couture, Shahpur Jat. (Part time).
5. Fashion designer cum Production Manager in RK Sports India for designing and assist in production department.


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