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Q1. Why did you choose design as a career ?

After my graduation in Fashion design i choose to switch my career in an advanced level so i took up Graphic design as i can work on design Adobe softwares instead of working on papers and stationaries.

Q2. Where do you visualise yourself five years from now?

 I want be a Top Fashion graphic illustrator, designer and artist in upcoming 5 years by Gods blessings, working hard, putting my efforts and never giving up! 

Q3. Whom do you consider your mentor/Guru and why

I consider our God, my parents and my teachers as my Mentor because they guide me in every step and show me the right path by being supportive.

Q4. What is the basic theme of your designing and why?

My theme about my brand 
Shaz/Shal Predicts About Futuristic Runway Style An Illusion That Accelerates Minimalist Choice.Since’15

Q5. Write your autobiography ?

I Graduated from Vogue institute of Fashion technology ‘2014
National institute of Fashion technology ‘2015
UI/UX Course ‘2016Maya Academy of Advanced cinematics ’17-2018 
IELTS ‘2019.

Worked & assigned top Indian celebrity Fashion designers named Manish malhotra,Ramesh dembla,riyaz pasha,govind kumarsingh,ritu Kumar and many more,Celebrity Fashion stylists named Prasad bidappa,Ashish thakral Arora,Bangalore Fashion week with among other top fashion shows
●AchievementsAchieved several awards and certified in different designing competitions such as 2nd Runner up in App designing,won Fashion designer label ‘2017,2nd Runner up in Graffiti art,worked on crime ‘live’ projects honoured by the H.O.D of malleshwaram police department ’18 & in many more modules showcasing my artworks in different part of events located in Bangalore. Won 2nd Runnerup as Fashion Illustrator event by Fashion Clash Carnival orginal 
I worked as Fashion Curator at The Wooplr, Worked as a Fashion intern at Vanadana Raj Studio and other companies as a as Graphic Designer and i even work as a freelancer as a Fashion illustrator for a Fashion company named Hashboosh and artist.

 Collaboration and Feature Verified blogger artist at “IT’S ON WINKL” ,Roposo, Indhangul Team, K pop high India,Nafa chocolatier,Shuffling suitcases by devyani kapoor,Collaborated with cosplayer named SYRINX,VIJAY COSPLAYER,DARKXNIGHT, Rainush by Govind Kumar Singh, Riyaz Pasha,Showcased my artworks and featured at D’Cruz events held in Indiranagar.Worked as Fashion stylist for kannada film based celebrity actress Shilpa Manjunath,Miss Karnataka named Shalini gowda,Dia shetty,darsh chandrappa,Pavi poovappa.The Spindoclive, Sim Thind, Maya The Drag Queen ,The sparkling Bow,Youth of nation, Youth of India, Akshara Naik, Bangalore Art company,Bengaluru Adda, Namma Karnataka, Photographers, Wooplr, The love local Bangalore,Drsyathevisionary, MAAC Malleshwaram & MAAC Basweshwarnagar, The Cultor, Sakkhi Friend, Namma Mysoore, Gaieti Group ,Upendup Works, S.W.A.P Woovly ,Youth of India ,The Connectfor ,Comic Con ,What’s Up Bengaluru, Fashion Flash Carnvial and Indian Designers Society. more to go on. 


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