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Q1. Why did you choose design as a career ?

I hated maths as a subject but there was one thing I really liked in it were the shapes, lines, points. Few dots making line line making a shape a shape making a design. This was my starting point then there was no looking back my interest became my passion and eventually my career. 

Q2. Where do you visualise yourself five years from now?

My goal is to have my own designer studio in next few years I would be working towards the same goal and opening my franchise too. 

Q3. Whom do you consider your mentor/Guru and why

Every person I met taught me something or the other teachers, parents, friends and even acquittance. Mentor and guru in my life is the journey and the people I meet in that journey and lessons I get from it. 

Q4. What is the basic theme of your designing and why?

Basic theme of my designing is an amalgamation of traditional technique with a modern look. 

Q5. Write your autobiography ?

My name is simran ahuja. I am a graduate from delhi university. I have an advance diploma in fashion designing. Certificate in web designing, graphic designing, digital marketing. I have worked with fashion societies in my college. Currently I am teaching graphic designing at DICS ( Delhi Institute of Computer Science). I am cheerful , passionate, dedicated, amicable person. I am looking forward to make great connection in this Indian designers society


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