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Q1. Why did you choose design as a career ?

Wandering around the social arrangement for more than a decade, I have witnessed distinct cultures and variety in material tastes of the folks. The heterogeneity of outfits and body languages matching the wavelengths to dissolve in clothes and colours, fascinated me to the core of my mind.

         This attraction or curiosity later turned into the term, ‘passion’, which drove my instincts to follow colours and patterns only to aspire to learn and execute designs.

Q2. Where do you visualise yourself five years from now?

Rather visualizing myself into the next five years, I do believe making a count of every steps I lay hold of in upcoming days with dreams to merge minds and ways, to impart colors with happiness.

        I desire to launch my own brand, firstly keeping major client as youth and later proceeding with broader categories of age group or client as well as the major factor or motive of mine will be producing a range of garments in an affordable cost and also lining up my capsule collection on global platforms during an early stage of my life.

Q3. Whom do you consider your mentor/Guru and why?

Irrefutably first and foremost mentor of my life I would vehemently say are my parents, they are the one who never stop me to dream at a peak and still supporting me to their best. As my father always recall the mentioned line which keep me energize every single day with a positive hope and his phrase quoted as “keep doing a good will with a sense of positive attitude and rest just leave it on god”.

         On the other hand, faculties of my under graduation course are my second mentors as they deciphered all my dusky and technical queries related to fashion and fashion industry which landed me with crisp and clear conclusion of my queries.

         Last but not the least, a specific mentor “Mr.Balaji” sir who was my mentor during my journey of Internship at Arvind Lifestyle, gave me clear ideas about the sourcing as I was part of that particular team as well as the industry workflow.

Q4. What is the basic theme of your designing and why?

India has been a country which amaze by its mixture of outfits and ways to groom, it still needs to distribute the shades of fashion on terms of affordability, status statements and also regional boundaries.

        I don’t adhere to the concept of any particular theme based designing rather I focus on the client based requirements while I design. Also, the important aspect which I always keep in mind while illustrating the garments and during the final outcome are comfort which given an individual a confidence as well as sustainability and client satisfaction.

Q5. Write your autobiography ?

I am Subhra Chatterjee from Hooghly, West Bengal. Currently I am certified Fashion designer as well as Graphic designer but I am more inclined towards the fashion industry and where I do produce the designs or the illustrations more often as digitally.

       Initially during my journey of undergraduate program I avail an opportunity as Intern in Arvind Lifestyle Brand for 1 month, where my vision got broader regarding the sourcing and workflow of fashion industry. Later or sooner I joined as junior fashion designer for Women’s wear at Gokaldas Pvt. Ltd. for shorter span of time (3 months) where I illustrated garments for different brands such as Zara, Veromoda etc. and explore the workflow of Export Company from design to production but with that period of time I understood the importance of different software require during illustration, so I decided to undergo a short term course in graphic design to enhance and boost my technical skill as well as design thinking process.

       For fashion, I always has a statement in my mind as those who cannot glorify the intensity of the subject usually try to merge fashion with style, which is pretty disappointing, as I strongly believe, style is not what you mimic rather it is what you create with love and passion. The true meaning of fashion has to be imparted to everyone around and thus create a nation and the world, where shade of fashion are constraints free and viable to oneself.

       As a conclusion, now being a small part of fashion industry world and sensing it from closer in-sight, I would like to broach to all my fellow aspirants and the upcoming designers that there will be different jeopardy in a way while reaching towards the aim but overcome them with positive attitude.

“Design is just not only a creative process, it is more beyond that as your ideas can be molded in every perspective with your design thinking ability but as a designer it should be served as crisp and clean outcome for audience to sense it beautifully” 


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