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Q1. Why did you choose design as a career ?

Talking more about my career choice…yes it was a difficult choice…but that’s what exactly life is all about…Choices!!!!.Hailing from a small town of dehradun i didn’t had access to proper Career guidance but little i know that this was my calling and i enjoyed the process. I am born in a typical Garhwali family where your careers are just limited to  cracking a descent government jobs.I designed my first dress at the age of 10 with an old dupatta ,hand needle and thread.As a kid I was always keen on dressing up my doll in the most unusual manner. The process satisfied my heart and I used to engage long hours doing it.Thus I end up choosing fashion designing as a career but i explored its vast potential during  my diploma days.

Q2. Where do you visualise yourself five years from now?

I always wanted a proper guidance during my initial years thus I am looking forward to impart knowledge about fashion and its prospects in the society.The first step has been taken through my small venture Tanti …but i wish to connect more people from Pahad  to connect with us and share their art form. I am wishing for a day where we can see fashion as a strong career option in our life,where we can learn from one another and eventually grow together.

Q3. Whom do you consider your mentor/Guru and why?

I would consider my HOD/Mentor/Friend moreover a family Professor Geetika Sharma as my true Guru.I met her 4 yrs back when i joined my second job as an assistant professor in Minerva College of fashion Designing.I was very young ..probably the youngest to join the team..She had faith and encouraged me to work on  advancing my skills.She guided me throughout my journey  ever since.I also completed my Masters in fashion under her guidance.Till date also i always looks up to her for feedback  of my work.force to shape me as a good mentor.  She is truly an inspiration and one of the major force who shaped me as a good teacher from a rookie.

Q4. What is the basic theme of your designing and why?

4.My designing is always inspired from my roots of being a garhwali,I always believed that there is a lot of untapped potential here….also its traditional artform/folk art is still not explored …My each design are an amalgamation of authentic traditional techniques infused with modern silhouettes.

Q5. Write your autobiography ?

Talking about my complete journey …i joined diploma course in fashion in 2013 after a year gap of convincing my family to take up this course.I studied diploma for 2 yrs in Devbhoomi institute based in dehradun. Along with it i started exploring various other art forms during it.I also collaborated with local Doordarshan team and started assisting them for the costume department of their local series. I got selected for my internship at one one the prime NGO working under Khaadi in 2015 ,3 months before my course completion..I was eventually promoted as an assistant designer there learning new skills. I conducted more than 15  government training in a span of one year where 5 were solemnly handled by me.I further moved on to join Minerva college in Dehradun in 2016 and became an assistant professor….since then i have been teaching UG students for SRI DEV SUMAN UNIVERSITY. My journey is been on a roller coaster since then I was a full time Assistant professor and a part time embroidery designer working for an international Boutique on week days and a freelancer artist on weekends.I love to explore new places,dance, read but more importantly to engage myself in creating new meamories for life. I have participated as a fashion designer for various runway shows like TOYOTA fashion runway,ASIAN kids tour etc but my biggest experience was mentoring a 6 member team for Guinness book of world records in Chennai 2018 where i got to explore myself as a model as well.The backstage chaos,last minute adjustments, adrenaline rush and that satisfaction moment to see your  design on ramp along with fellow designers is what keeps me motivating to work even hard . One thing i can definitely  say is i am here to stay and make a mark in this industry…..and this is certainly the beginning……more is yet to come


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