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Q1. Why did you choose design as a career ?

 Actually I had completed my graduation in BSc IT was not my liking I always wanted to be creative and fashion is the creative of our own that why I choose to be a designer.As a fashion designer I can interpret my thoughts and my love to towards arts

Q2. Where do you visualise yourself five years from now?

 I would an entrepreneur with my own brand and fashion store.i part from that I wana be the change to fashion that each and everyone can achive to have there own style of cloth weather u r black ur fat that don’t mater to a person 

Q3. Whom do you consider your mentor/Guru and why?

 I consider my guru as Saumya Patel as she has given me the confidence that I can achive my goal I love the way she thought us to see fashion with all here knowledge of Design process. She had done her graduation form ruffels and she is teaching us in jd fashion institute vile Parle mumbai

Q4. What is the basic theme of your designing and why?

Currently I m working on two themes or the topic u can consider one is Bermuda triangle and other is honor killing that I m gona share through illustration

Q5. Write your autobiography ?

Yet I m doing fashion design.i would start like after being in a Technical field just because my parents wanted I never felt the same in that field. It was suffocating for me to be a part of the field where I can’t even breath.At the age of 29 I have cherished my dream I m so happy to be the part of these filed its something that I always wana be a part of creative world 


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