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Q1. Why did you choose design as a career ?

As far as I remember fashion was not my first choice. I always had a pull towards art but never knew what I want my career to be. I always liked wearing good clothes, I remember being fascinated by the tv actresses , their clothes specially. So if i liked something I would go to my local tailor and get a similar outfits made for me. But later as I was studying commerce I decided to be a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT. During college though when we had a project to develop a business idea, I decide to do it on something related to clothes and that’s how my dream was born. It hleped knowing that I would rather be working for myself than for somebody else. So after graduation I pursued fashion ( my business, my dream).

Q2. Where do you visualise yourself five years from now?

I think for now how I see five years later, is for my business to be really successful and to have my own place someday.

Q3. Whom do you consider your mentor/Guru and why?

My answer is slightly different from what you might have expected. The people I admire the most are MS DHONI and BTS ( if you know about them you know what I mean, those who don’t know them, they are a 7 members Korean boy band) . So they are the people who I consider to be my mentor because they are so hard working, successful and still have a good heart. I would want to be just like them.

Q4. What is the basic theme of your designing and why?

There is no basic theme as such. I give my clients what they want with my touch to it. But I do really like couture fashion, because you get to be so creative with it .

Q5. Write your autobiography ?

Let’s start from the beginning. Well, I was a kid who always has been carefree. I remember being interested in painting ,embroidery ,cross stitch , crochet etc. But somewher down the line I started loosing interest in it , and by the time I was in higher secondary ,studing commerce, I fell in love with accountancy and so I decided to be a C.A . Oh! My parents where so pleased to know that. So I studied accountancy in college as well. But during those 3 years of college , just because of that one project and my want to be my own boss along with my want to have good clothes so I can dress up which later truned into wanting to help people add to their beauty by dressings them up in good clothes, I took up fashion. After graduation in 2015, I took up Diploma in fashion designing and garment technology for an year at Stenodac Institute in Goa itself. My dad was not happy with that decision and I had to beg him to let me do it.It was a one year course which I finished by 2016, took up a job for an year till 2017. I quit the job the next year to work from home and pursue my career. And then finally in 2019 I opened a boutique ( but since I pay rent, and it’s not me who is the owner of that place, I said I would like to have my own place within next five years). And now talking about the present, 2020 do I need to say anything else ? This year has been a disaster for start up and it’s not even over yet. Just when I thought things were falling in place, it turned upside down. I know alot of other businesses also are suffering, So I just hope we get through this sooner or later. With that in mind I’m working toward making things better and to survive .


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